When Someday I Read This Day

Today is a new day opening before my very eyes,

a new page, perhaps a new chapter in the book of my life

that began with You when the worlds were made.

It is not a slate washed clean

but a fresh new page that awaits Your Hand.

Will I ignore tomorrow what You write today,

choosing my words of limited power

over Yours that have no end?

Will I glory in Your Words — or revel in my own?

When I look back someday at what I have written,

will I wonder what it was all about,

or will this day be written on the halls of my heart

where You abide with me?

Will I rejoice in bended knee at sin expressed,

at contrite heart at sin confessed?

When someday I read this day,

will it be as fresh as this crisp morning?

O Holy Father, write this day for me — indelibly —

on this resistant human heart that waits

to hear Your Voice saying, “This is the way, walk ye in it.”

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