Lead me, Lord…

Lead me, Lord, as I walk this day down paths I have walked so many times before.
Lift me above the sameness of tasks that threaten to dull my senses, drown out my resolve and deaden my spirit to the whispers of your heart.
I want to hear you, Lord, above the cacophony of other voices that, of necessity, must script my waking moments.
I want to see you, Lord, not just in the spectacular beauty of your creation but in the mundane chores you set before me.
I want to know you, Lord, to feel your presence nearer than my very breath, to be hid in you, safe from the whispered assaults of the cares of this world.
I want to soar on eagles wings and leave behind the cares of this day… to ride the thermals above and beyond the gathering clouds and threatening storms of this life…
to touch the face of the One who ever calls me home.

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