A cookie sort of Christmas

I wish Christmas gifts were defined as ‘cookies of any shape, size and flavor’ to include:

  • Grandma Powell’s iced honey cookies
  • Darin’s oatmeal chocolate chip
  • Ruth’s lemon bars
  •  Jacquie’s shortbread
  • Mary Catherine’s butterscotch bars
  • My own buttery sugar cookies
  • Vera’s banana raisin oatmeal
  • Mother’s refrigerator cookies

One bite and I would be there, watching:

  • Grandma rolling the dough and me cutting the rectangles in her tiny kitchen
  • My son making the dough into balls and giving me one with a smile
  • Ruth opening her cookie containers in the church foyer
  • Me diligently watching Jacquie’s cookies so they don’t brown
  • Mary Catherine passing the plate laden with scrumptiousness
  • Cookies cooling just enough to enjoy a warm one with a glass of milk
  • Carolann stirring up Vera’s recipe and sneaking me a spoonful
  • Mother wrapping cookies in wax paper for me to take to Daddy in the field

Yes, cookies would be quite enough for me for Christmas.






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