Sometimes, God…

Sometimes, God has to take us beyond our four walls and put us in a place where our path crosses someone else’s who, like Peter, has been unshackled from man’s constraints by a quake of such spiritual magnitude that the very walls that are obstacles to freedom are leveled by the uncompromising Word that proceeds from his mouth.

I have heard Kyle Lance Martin speak before thousands, and I have heard him ignite–with as much passion–the dying embers of hope in a solitary person. I have seen the passion of this man, who leaves home and wife and children to go into all the world where people are bound by unbelief, tradition, misinformation.

    • I have heard him offer hope to a woman who learned to pray as a child while hiding from an abusive father and now flees from an abusive husband.
    • I have seen him show up and give a woman a reason to believe again in a God who loves her despite the ill-chosen words of her desperate plea just hours before.
    • I have seen him lead with humility those who lead others, purposely sharing the vision of bringing revival to their community, their area, their state–not through one man, one church or one denomination but through the Body of Christ working together.
    • I have seen that his passion for souls is not diminished one iota by someone spitting expletives at him.

Sometimes, God even says to look beyond the Peters of this world and just be one.

Note to reader: Check out and be encouraged.

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