I was with you…

I was with you in the beginning…
when You flung the stars into the sky, hung the sun and moon,
waved your mighty Hand and the Northern lights were lit.
I was with You that day. You are Light.

I was with You in the beginning…
when You knelt to take a handful of dust to make Adam in Your image,
and breathed the breath of Life into him.
I was with You then. You are Life.

I was with You in the beginning…
when you planted the first garden and gave it to the man,
looked upon him and realized it was not good for him to be alone.
I was with You then. You are Love.

I have been with You down through the ages…
there in your Mind all the time,
yet You waited until almost the very end to fashion me
in a woman I would never know this side of heaven.

Thank you, Father, for holding on to me…
for the Love that fills my heart because of You
for the Life you have given me that I might live for You
for the Light that floods my soul and makes me one with You.

Get on your mark, get set, go!

Questions and answers this morning, as I listen…

Are you so focused on running the race of your own life that His Life is passing you by? Then, take your eyes off your own personal patch of pavement and lift them instead to the One who calls the only Race that really matters, the only one with eternal consequences. Winning that race isn’t about being the first one to cross the finish line, it’s about focusing and finishing—focusing on what you know to do and finishing with the knowledge that you have run the race well.

Are you giving all by doing the work God has called you to with your whole heart; or are you impatient, bored, dissatisfied with your life? Then, get close to Him, take your eyes off of yourself, and look into the Life of the One who has called you. Resist the urge to just do something, but stand there—before Him—exposed in confession and repentance. Purposefully put things right with the One who redeemed you, who bought you with a price—His own life, hung on a cross for the entire world to see. Redirect your gaze from self to Savior. All that you have is because of Him. Live your thankfulness today by being His Hands, His Voice, His Feet, as you ‘go into all your world.’ (Matthew 28:18-20)