You Are the One

You require even more from your servants
who minister to the body of Christ.
You require transparency,
honesty in all of our affairs,
forthrightness in our conversation,
integrity in what we say
and do not say.
You require a heart turned toward you
that we may walk upright and blameless
and an ear turned toward the world
that we may hear the heart-cries of those
bound by the world.
You look for the person who will do these things
simply because their heart is turned toward you.
You are the Truth
that sustains us while we walk this earth,
and lifts us as wings of eagles
to ride the thermals of God
over storms that gather in the distance
and strike fear in our hearts.
You have hid us from the evil one
and protected us from our own folly.
You have placed us time and time again
in the cleft of the rock
when we have strayed into danger.
You have covered us with your feathers
and sheltered us under your wings.
Like the loving parent you are
You have preserved us.
And it is You, O gracious Father,
who releases us one day
to soar on wings like eagles.

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