Talk about a welcome rain!

What a welcome rain poured from the heavens last night. I had already watered the garden and flowers, but that rain sure made everything pop! Just goes to show that what comes straight from the Hand of God is always preferable to what we try to do on our own.

I remember my mother frequently talking about the inadvisability of being so heavenly minded, you’re no earthly good. I’m not making excuses for Mother, but she came from a time when pragmatism was, by necessity, the primary focus of life. Living through the uncertainties of World War I, also known as the war to end all wars, as well as the Wall Street Crash of 1929, the Great Depression and World War II, generated a no-nonsense approach to life that produced a lot of axioms based on the Book of Proverbs.

They weren’t just sayings but lessons lived out by parents before their children. I especially remember these: If you want something, you must work for it! You have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps! There’s no such thing as a free lunch! If you make your bed, you lie in it!

This morning, I am grateful for lessons learned by watching my parents, as well as the friendship of the One who sticks closer than any family member. After all, He is the One who opened my eyes this day to see the obvious–and inspired me to thank Him for what is truly praiseworthy. Yes, I am heavenly minded at this moment in time, yet I know full well there will be those times when I am anything but!

I am grateful for lessons learned from the One who loves me all the time, even when I’m not very likeable and, yes, even when I cease to listen and remember. I believe with all my heart that God never says to me (or anyone else):

  • Hey, if you want me to love you, then you need to clean up your act!
  • Hey! I saw that, and you are in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!
  • Remember when you rebelled against me and did _________?
  • I can’t heal you, because you don’t have enough faith!
  • I am SO tired of your complaining!
  • That’s the last straw! I’ve had it with you!

What He does say is “I love you anyway.”

Talk about a good friend… talk about a good role model… talk about a welcome rain.

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